QUASO Department


The State House Girls’ high School Standards and Quality Assurance team was set up in line with the schools’ Strategic plan of 2008-2012 for effective management of the curriculum.

Currently, the team membership comprises of the heads of academic departments and Class year heads. The members include:

Mr. Owitti SHOD QUASO; Mrs Ogweno, HOD English; Mrs Mung’ara, HOD Kiswahili and form 4-year head; Mr Ndwiga, HOD Mathematics; Mrs Kishara, HOD Science; Mrs Kibira, HOD Humanities and form three-year head; Mr Kiambati, HOD Technicals and form one year head; and Mrs Annam form two year head.

 Our Mission:

To Establish, Maintain and Improve Education Standards in State House Girls High’ School.

Our Vision:

To provide Quality Assurance Feedback to the school community.

The Aims of QUASO Team.

  1. Promoting the highest possible teaching standards by identifying the weakness (gap) in the curriculum implementation process.
  2. Assessing, monitoring and reporting on the instructional outcomes.
  3. Assessing, monitoring and reporting on the administrative processes.

The core functions of QUASO Team.

  1. Assist and mentor other departments.
  2. Establish a winning culture.
  3. Reporting on the findings to the administration and staff members.
  4. Give recommendations to staff members and administration based on findings from studies/surveys on school activities.
  5. Assist teachers during assessment by external QUASO’s

The core areas of concern.

  1. School Composition:


  • Ensure school has properly maintained facilities from the inside to the outside including playing fields i.e. Physical items in the school;
  • And that all departments should be working.



  1. Student body:


  • The student’s body is customer number one. Every student must have proper records maintained; student entry behaviour should be well monitored and Value Added Progress (VAP) monitored through tracking. These records must be updated every term;
  • The parents input needed, Hence class meetings are advised;
  • School rules should be understood, few and clear. There must be equity consistency and fairness.


  1. School administration:


  • Ensure that all documents required are in the school. E.g. code of ethics, code of regulations, Orange Book, KIE and KNEC Syllabus etc. are available and accessible;
  • Ensure that all other members are part of the administration.


  1. Curriculum delivery:


  • To ensure departmental meetings are held and minutes prepared on termly basis;
  • To ensure availability of the schemes of work, record of work and Topic outlines and objectives, Availability laboratory equipment every term;
  • To ensure updated and relevant lesson notes according to the KIE syllabus for all subjects are available;
  • To ensure that the school has the orange book for reference on the recommended books;
  • To ensure books are frequently marked;
  • To ensure that Standard CATS and Exams are scheduled.


  1. Co-curriculum activities:


  • Ensure that every co-curricular activity has a patron.


  1. Human resource:


  • Adequate Teaching and Support staff
  • School welfare association: Ensure that both Teaching and Support staff welfare associations are running
  • Check on student welfare


SHGHS-QUASO Activities

Since its inception, the team has been very active in areas of:

  • Evaluation of curriculum implementation processes.
  • Remedial Programmes for the lower achievers
  • Surveys to shed light on the current state of affairs in the school including student wellbeing, administrative processes, and staff issues
  • Time management and lesson attendance in
  • Yearly Class tracking on academic performance including the national examinations.



We are a dynamic group of highly motivated individuals brought together by our commitment to always look for ways to improve on what we are involved in, our question is always “how can we improve on this even if it is working?” We strive to use the scientific methods in our studies to bring objectivity and reliability in our reports. We work closely with The senior management team, Revision department, Guidance and Counselling department, Careers department (especially on subject selection by students visa vie there career orientation and academic performance) and all academic departments.

Although the team is currently focused on academic activities of the institution because this is the core function of the school, it is our hope that in the near future all other core areas of concern will eventually be addressed.

Thank you very much


Mr. Ted W. Owitti



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