Revision Program




The State House Girls High School Revision Program originated from the school strategic plan in 2008 as one of the five pillars besides quality assurance, examinations and evaluation, curriculum implementation and discipline management. The program is run by the revision committee whose mandate is to construct, manage and maintain a comprehensive purposeful, measurable, and deliberately targeted subject specific revision master plan for the whole school. In order to fulfill these onerous yet realistic duties, the revision committee developed the following expectations:

  1. Joint extra ordinary efforts from teachers, students, school administration and parents to support aggressive revision strategies.
  2. belief in choice and not choice outcome of good results
  3. Commitment from teachers focus on students and support from parents/guardians
  4. Relocation form academic comfort zone.



The revision subcommittee was constructed alongside quality assurance and standards office

 (QUASO), the Examinations and Evaluations office and Curriculum Implementation office as part of the school strategic plan. Since then the revision team has come up with a yearly measurable revision master plan for the whole school with the stated instructional objectives.

  1. Attainment of school mean of 9.3 and above in KCSE
  2. Managing the C plus, C plain, and C minus average achievement cohorts
  3. To identify, analyze and address major performance weaknesses and gaps in specific subjects, departments and classes through objective investigative tools.
  4. To implement value adding strategies in students personal study skills, revision methods, and performance patterns
  5. To create and maintain sustainable, functional and effective student study syndicates.
  6. To design and develop real and virtual topical instructional material resource library



The team also developed the control key points to help guide its long term operations.

                      Subject specific value addition

                    Enhanced achievement levels, progression and subject balance by all students.

                   Optimization, stability, and improvement in all subjects through personal, accountable and modifiable revision  skills

                Effective task management processes

                    Availability of readily available revision resources to students and teachers

                Factual, accurate and real time revision record keeping and data processing.

            Providing monthly, termly and yearly motivation and incentives to outstanding students and teachers within the  revision program


Since inception, the revision committee is delighted to report that all the form four students have been zoned into small subject revision groups to optimize instructional content mastery. Though the study syndicates were initially targeted for form four revision, all the other lower classes have since joined into functional study groups. The committee has developed a student digital instructional library that supplies the students with topical and full paper personalized revision. We are happy to report that the program has gained massive popularity.

The team is in the process of developing an inexhaustible virtual instructional library as part of our ongoing performance improvement efforts for the school.  We consequently invite teachers, parent, and students to help expand this resource through the supply of e-content examinations from various sources. The resource will greatly assist in equipping our students with examination processing skills. The revision team will then audit the materials to determine the academic quality of the materials before incorporating them into our invaluable revision library.

As part of our interests to inspire academic competition among the groups, the revision team is presently in the process of compiling a data base of the progress of group revision. We will soon reward the most active groups, subjects, classes and individuals based on the outcome of this information.

 We welcome suggestions on various competitive activities that will add value to the whole revision process and any other helpful ideas that will improve the daily operations of the program.




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