Boarding Department


 This department is made up of two very important sections in a boarding school. The accommodation and the catering sections.

The department has two Heads of Department in charge of Mrs.Sialai and Mrs. Ireri.

The accommodation section.

The State House Girl’s High School is a full boarding girl’s school and 1,100 girls are accommodated in the school. There are two very well designed storey hostels. One of the hostels has two blocks with each having three houses with own washrooms and laundry area. The other hostel has one block with three houses.

Thus, there are nine houses in total which are identified by nine different names and house t/shirt colours. The house names are derived from Kiswahili names for the big wild animals: Kifaru, Twiga, Nyati, Swara, Chui Simba, Duma, Kiboko and Ndovu.

The hostels have spacious and well ventilated cubicles. Cleanliness is our priority and hot water system has been installed for the girls. The accommodation section is managed by two very able matrons Matron Grace and Matron Hilda assisted by nine housemistresses that guide, counsel and discipline the girls in their respective houses as follows;

Kifaru- Mrs. Mutiso             Swara- Mrs. Kishara                    Duma-Ms. Mugambi

Twiga- Mrs. Agwata            Chui –Ms. Amuhaya                  Kiboko- Mrs. Okoth

Nyati- Mrs. Onyango          Simba- Mrs. Mate                     Ndovu- Mrs. Otieno

 There are many interactive sessions such as house meetings between the teachers and the girls to discuss various issues in the department. The student’s medical needs are well taken care of. There is a nurse within the school but cases that cannot be handled, the parents are either called to pick the child but if need be the girl can be rushed to the hospital and the parent is then informed by the school. This team together with the HODs work hand in hand to create that favorable environment prevails and the girls co-exist peacefully. They strive to provide a homely and learning environment for the students.

 The catering section

In a school set-up, this is commonly known as the dining hall. This is the place where the students take all their meals and are therefore the central point of the department .it is managed by two highly qualified cateresses assisted by a very dedicated chef and a team of highly motivated cooks.

The school has a well-planned menu that ensures a well balanced diet is provided to the girls. High standard of cleanliness is always maintained.

The boarding department is general strives to provide a clean, safe, comfortable and conducive environment for the girls. The girls are trained to live as a family where mutual understanding and respect always prevails.

Boarding Department



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