Beyond My Expectation

It wasn’t what I expected it to be,

A walk in the park I thought it would be,

I thought it would be like one of the scenes from the movies

I know I was lucky to have found that kind of magic

But my fears only became more terrifying

My worst nightmares came to life.


Promises were broken,

The words never eased that tension anymore,

Hearts were nolonger in working order,

Strong winds blew out the flame,

Tears overflowed and there was no flicker of hope anymore,

The place was loft as a ruin.


Some say that love is a flower that blooms with time,

Some say that love is a river that flows endlessly,

Some say that love is a rich melodious song that two should dance to,

But I say, love is a razor that leaves your soul bleeding.

Iknow that they may all love the better you but,

I still own the past of you,

We can try to forget but the memories will always linger,

Always and forever.

Tasha 3G


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